Lo and Behold!

by Mojo Waves

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Behold the first ever LP record of the Finnish rock group Mojo Waves, titled "Lo and Behold!". Let the primitive and hypnotic soundscape of this 8-track album create you a vision, which the mundane mind will not encounter every day. Hear the pounding drumheads, shriek-y vocals full of frenzy, and rugged riffs bigger than Goliath himself create rhythms that take over your body. The entirety weaves itself together like an oriental carpet, creating a hypnotic pattern, which fascinates the human mind leaving it wanting more. Music that is at the same time clear and fuzzy, catchy but peculiar. So take the situation over, enjoy, and let your mind explore this new sound phenomenon that we have to offer.


released July 25, 2013

All music by Mojo Waves
Recorded and produced by Mojo Waves at Rekolo
Mixing, Mastering & Sonic Engineering by Juuso Leinonen
Additional vocals in "Flowers by Timo Olkkola
Thanks to Pleasure Hazard, Anssi Kantola, Timi Tuominen, Rekolliset, Jukka Ahlström
© Mojo Waves 2013



all rights reserved


Mojo Waves Helsinki, Finland

Reviving rock music one gig at a time.

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Track Name: Shout
You’ve got to stand tall
To make them feel small
Too late for turning
Your bridge is burning
You’ve got to say what you mean
But you can’t mean what you say
There ain’t no way

Come on and shout it out
And do it with no doubt
Shout it out

You only see blue
You don’t know what to do
You’re acting brainless, but I could care less
The time is running out, tick-tock, tick-tock
You're out of luck

Come on and shout it out
And do it with no doubt
Shout it out

Your head was build strong
By the limitations of your mind
Your head will stay strong
And you’ll do anything to survive

Come on and shout it out
And do it with no doubt
Shout it out
Track Name: Skylights
You take the life out of me
You hide the secrets I keep
Your name is written in my blood
You were me, but now I’m gone
I’m gone!


My thoughts are like clouds
They pass me by
I have only skylights
I can’t see the whole sky
Step by step by step by step by step I walk the line
Never need to wake up
I’m asleep ‘til I die

Believe in fiction
See what happens to you
Feed another addiction
Whatever will do
No matter the reason
Always hide the truth
You’re always a sinner
And the sin is you


I build my walls around you
Only a ray of light gets trough
Don’t look to try up the only way is down
Down below the ground, six feet, and you are found

I pity you
Oh god I do
I pity you
I do
I’m such a fool

The sky lights up once again
It’s indifferent
Because there is an end
In every sense
And I have lost

Track Name: Mousetrap
This is the start of lesson
How you begin to question
All those little things
That make you feel all numb

You’ve got to say it loud
Even if you’re full of doubt
And feel left without

Never gonna get caught again


I’ve got a big confession
I never learned my lesson
You the one that I
I was just telling of

The trap is set again
I lose another friend
I don’t want to do it again

This is how I’ll meet my end

Mousetrap on my way again
There’s nothing I can do
Mousetrap is set again
And the cheese is you
And I say


I got some bad intentions
I got my eye on you
The trap is set again
That makes mice out of men
So come on and follow the trend
This time it’ll be your end
Track Name: Great White
Under the seven
Under the seven seas
There lives a creature
That eats what it sees

It’s got white teeth
And its eyes are black
So if you go surfing
There’s no coming back

Great White

Natural selection
Man, you don’t belong to the sea
Just like paper
Won’t turn back into a tree

You’ve got to see it
You’ve got to see it to believe
There ain’t no religion
That explains the creature of the sea

Great White

- Hey, neighbor, you’re not from around here, are you boy?
- Yeah, you could say that.
- What do they call you, sonny?
- The Shark.
- That’s a hard name you’ve got there pal, a hard name indeed!

Great White
Track Name: Greens
I really got to tell it to ya
The time to play is finally through
You said I’m never gonna learn, yeah
But I got through thinking about you

And I really hope I’m out of my mind
Cause I can’t waste any more of my time
And if I play my cards just right
I will end up feeling just fine and say

My girl

I know the tricks in your book, yeah
I’ve read it through with eyes blue
So let’s turn the last page
This story ends to start something new

Years go by and I really don’t know
What’s my part in your little show
All I know it’s time to get fixed
I’m getting tired of all you tricks, I say

My girl

Time to say now
To romance
In my eyes
Our fairytale
Is ending
Farewell to
Happy ending

I’ll save
My brain
Before I
Go insane

I’m not insane
Track Name: Flowers
I’ve got a story to tell you
And swear it’s not a lie
There were many ones before you
That’s the way I wanna spend my life

Some were like broken flowers
Some were like uncut diamonds
Some were never meant to be
Some were like you and me

Broken Flowers

I tend to be part of tales
That don’t have a happy end
You don’t have to worry
I’ll always be your friend

This is the story of my life
This is the dawning of my years
But honey you should know
I never shed a single tear

Broken Flowers

It didn’t take too long
To know where I belong
Life sick, twisted and wrong
Is the only one I know

This is the story of my life
This is the dawning of my years
But hey, you should really know
I never shed a single tear

I will carry on
I won’t wait anymore
I want you to know
You will wither no more
Track Name: It's Just A Road, Yeah!
My train of thought has lost its cargo
There's nowhere, nowhere to go
All the rails bend backwards now
There’s nowhere, nowhere to go

It’s just a road, yeah!

My bone machine has lost its control
There’s nothing, nothing to do
My brain is shutting down
There’s nothing
Nothing at all

It’s just a road, yeah!